About Us

GadgetChef.co is an exciting new online business that was started in 2012 by Brad Lau also known as @ladyironchef (Awarded 2012 Best Food Blog Asia Pacific) and Arnold Aranez also known as @mr_gadget (Awarded 2009 Best Geek Blog Asia Pacific).

The two met at the Nuffnang Blog Awards in 2009 and have been good friends since. Both share a love for tasty food and tech gadgets. With this in mind, they agreed to utilise their networks to access some of the world’s most delicious gadgets and serve it up to all their followers online. Thus “Gadget Chef” was born – a combination of both their Twitter usernames as well as defining the way in which they’ll be dishing up tasty gadgets for all.

GadgetChef.co is based in Singapore but ships internationally.

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